Department of Languages and Literatures


The department is home to several nationally renowned journals and magazines. These include Inner Weather and the North American Review. 


Inner Weather is UNI’s student-run literary magazine, financially supported by the Department of Languages and Literatures. It has been in existence since 1982 and has been known as both Inner Weather and Dead Letter in past years. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students interested in the world of editing can gain hands-on experience in publication.

Inner Weather is published annually, highlighting fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit as many pieces of work as they’d like. A team of contributing editors works diligently through the year, supervising every stage in the publication process: from initial publicity and selection to layout, editing, proofing, printing and distribution.

The magazine is roughly 70 pages, featuring anywhere from 10 to 30 writers. Since 1997, Inner Weather has also published the winner of the Roberta S. Tamres Award, a science fiction contest established by Provost Aaron Podolevsky in honor of his mother, an avid sci-fi reader.

Each year, Inner Weather is created by UNI students who collect, select and compile the artwork, creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry published in the journal, lead by an editor, assistant editor, art director and layout artist. The faculty advisor is the current coordinator of the creative writing program. The deadline for submission is late in the fall semester, and the printed magazine is available late in the spring semester.

Students interested in volunteering for Inner Weather are encouraged to contact the editor at Those who would like to send submissions may do so at any point from the beginning of fall classes to the announced deadline. Contributors may send submissions via email to (in Microsoft Word format, please) or may drop them off in the English department, Baker 117. Contributors may submit as often as they’d like, but each submission should include the author's name, phone number and email address.



Established in 1815, the North American Review is the oldest literary magazine in the United States. It has been published at the University of Northern Iowa since 1968. Though the magazine is under the aegis of the Provost’s office, it draws heavily from the English and art departments for the people that run the magazine day to day. The NAR experience is not limited to on-campus people, but community members are invited to join as well, making it a truly special publication representing the best our entire community can produce.

Click here to visit the NAR website.