Department of Languages and Literatures

The Professional Writing Minor

This video will take you to a YouTube testimony by Professional Writing alums.UNI's Department of Languages & Literatures offers a Writing Minor with a Professional Writing option. This option enables students to experience how their writing, reading, and analytical abilities are relevant to workplace communications.

Professional Writing classes are customized to each student's individual academic and professional goals. The curriculum offers each student, regardless of major, an opportunity to practice workplace communication that is specific to her/his discipline.

Junior- and senior-level courses focus on applied writing, meaning that students collaborate with individual and organizational clients throughout the Cedar Valley to craft non-hypothetical, professional-level communication projects. These collaborations also generate professional networking opportunities for students approaching graduation and entering the job market; often the clients are UNI alumni. Since 2005, students in Professional Writing courses have partnered with over 200 clients.

Students have the option of taking Professional Writing courses "a la carte," or declaring the Writing Minor with a Professional Writing option. Past students who have taken Professional Writing courses and/or declared the Minor have majored in fields such as English, Communication Studies, Biology, Math, Anthropology, Marketing, and Education.

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Professional Writing students partner with organizational clients to create community engagement projects in workplace communication. In addition, Professional Writing at UNI collaborates with UNI's Interactive Digital Studies Program (IDS), providing students options for exploring workplace communication in digital forms. Click here to see IDS program "tracking guides."

For more information, contact Professional Writing Coordinator Dr. Adrienne Lamberti.

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Professional Writing students work with actual clients.