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Department of Languages and Literatures

John Burroughs and the North American Review

On October 1, the L&L's own NAR Press launched its latest book, Manifold Nature: John Burroughs and the North American Review, which collects essays by and about the naturalist, philosopher, and critic John Burroughs appearing in the the pages of the NAR between 1889 and 1920. The launch took place at Slabsides, the cabin retreat built by Burroughs in 1895 in West Park, New York. Professor Jeremy Schraffenberger, who edited the book, and graduate student Kathryn Wohlpart, who worked as research assistant, spoke to a crowd gathered at the John Burroughs Nature Sanctuary about the process of editing and publishing Manifold Nature

Douglas Brinkley, author if The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America and Rightful Heritage: Roosevelt and the Land of America, writes of the collection, "John Burroughs wrote about the natural world with keen eyes, poetic elegance, and indefatigable goodwill. His essays on the wonders of the Catskills and Hudson River Valley launched the modern environmental movement. Like Walt Whitman—his idol—Burroughs was an American saint."

Click here to view video of the book launch at Slabsides.

(l to r) Kathryn Wohlpart, Joan Burroughs (John Burroughs Association President), Jeremy Schraffenberger