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English & English-Teaching

Undergraduate students interested in English at UNI can choose between an English major, an English-Teaching major, minors in English (including Literary Studies or Film Studies) and English-Teaching minors. 

Tracey & JeremyEnglish provides extensive instruction and practice in capable reading, effective writing, and creative problem solving. It offers excellent preparation for graduate or professional study in most any field and for a wide spectrum of vocations, including careers in post-secondary education and student services, editing and publishing, law library and museum services, non-profit organizations and institutions, computer technology and software, business, financial firms, and insurance companies.

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This major allows students to experience English studies in different areas by choosing courses focusing on journalism, linguistics, and era-specific literature.

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This major enables students to gain a wide-variety of teaching experience by offering courses in communication, literary theory and film.

English minor (Literary Studies or Film Studies):pdf button
Students will develop their ability to analyze and interpret various literary works and cultures. Courses can range from highlighting literary theory and film to mastering theatre and performance skills.

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Students will develop practical communication skills for the classroom by learning about education literacy and applied linguistics.


English course descriptions

**Students should speak with an adviser to ensure all education requirements are met. Options for teaching endorsements can be found at the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website.

Click here for the Level 3 Field Experience Evaluation Form.


English Graduate Programs