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Research Paper

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General Information

The research paper is one of the requirements to graduate with the Spanish M.A. It must be written in Spanish

A graduate faculty member in Spanish must approve the topic. Please see Topic Approval Form.

Graduate faculty members who approve topics for papers will not necessarily be advisors, readers for the paper, or members of the comprehensive examination committee.

A minimum of 20 pages is expected (maximum 25), double-spaced, including bibliography.

For explicit instructions regarding spacing, margins, fonts, etc, consult the latest edition of the MLA Style Manual.

Papers must be submitted to Dr. Sara Rosell and it must be "approved to take comps" before you make plans to take the comprehensive exams.

Papers need the preliminary approval of a member of the Spanish graduate faculty who has been the reader of the paper. The examination committee chair may be the reader, but is not required to be. Preliminary approval of the research paper is an indication that the reader finds it acceptable for proceeding with the comprehensive examination even though minor modifications and corrections are necessary before official approval can be granted. The designated faculty (Sara Rosell) must receive a final version of the paper, with the necessary modifications and corrections, before official approval will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

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