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Department of Languages and Literatures

Now enrolling: SPAN 6289 Graduate Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

Spanish LinguisticsFall 2014 course offering: Graduate Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 6289). This graduate-level online course is ideal for Spanish teachers. Click here for more details.



Course instructor: Dr. Juan Carlos Castillo

This seminar will be taught online via elearning.  Instructions for accessing course materials will be sent to enrolled students' email accounts prior to the start of the course.

Linguistics is the study of human language and tries to find answers to questions such as: what are human languages like? why are human languages that way? This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and analytical methods in linguistics, focusing on Spanish.

The course is divided into five units. Unit 1 will start with an overview of the place of language in the cognitive sciences and in the human brain, and then will touch on the process of language acquisition. Unit 2 will introduce the concepts and techniques for the study of sounds (phonetics) and their organization (phonology). Unit 3 will deal with the structure and formation of words (morphology). Unit 4 will study the structure of the sentence (syntax), Unit 5 will cover the ways in which Spanish varies and the factors that influence this variation.