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Department of Languages and Literatures

2013 Student Writing Award & Scholarship Winners

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

2013 ReceptionOn April 21 in the Commons Ballroom, the Department of Languages & Literatures held its annual Recognition Reception. Over 50 students received writing awards and scholarships.



Awards and scholarships were presented to the following individuals.  Follow the links to read select creative and critical writing pieces by award winners.


Selina Terry Poetry Award (Judge: Paul Hedeen)

Rachel Routier, “Open Air” 1st Place
Kate Hein, “July 4, 2010” 2nd Place
Allissa Buelow, “The Metal Staircase” 3rd Place


Roberta S. Tamres Sci-Fi Award

Rachel Routier, “The Boy Called Death”



Alexandra Bissell
Blake Burns
Lexi Byrnes
Alexandra Rambo


Critical Essay

Allissa Buelow
Alex Lenstra
Annette Scherber


Professional or Pedagogical Writing

Amanda Arp
Allissa Buelow
Lauren Petri


G. Erlene Hubley Memorial Writing Awards for Short Fiction

Seth Diewold
Caitlin Lauritzen, "The Choice" and "Somewhere Between"
Anna Zimney, "Enough to Come Home"
Elizabeth Van Gorp


Creative Nonfiction

Karl Baresel
Katie Beale
Katie Kelzer
Abby Osborne, "What's in a Name?"


Language Writing

Megan Einck
Vanessa Espinoza
Stefanie McGraw, "Los Análisis del Artículo Definido"
Erica Rutz, "El fenómeno de la inversión y las preguntas-qu en español y en inglés"
Kyle Woollums
Jennifer Zavala


James HiDuke Dr. Grammar Writing Award

Alexandra Bissell, “Sierra DeMulder, Slam Poetry, Feminism, and Me” & “The Role of the Poet in Robert Frost’s ‘The Aim Was Song’ and James Hearst’s ‘The Reason for Stars’” (critical essays)


Wendell Phillips Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing

Emily Harsch, “The Road Less Shaven” (creative nonfiction)


Myrtle Telleen Collins “Spirit of Life” Creative Writing Scholarship

Lauren Petri, Poems & “The Knots We Make”




Amanda Arp
Samuel Bass
Ellen Campbell
Beth Monnier



Emily Schoenberger
Michaela Illig
Brandon Bolin
Hallie Cook
Rachel Yosch
Alison Matney


TESOL & TESOL-Teaching

Shelby Baker
Katie Wencl



Karl Baresel
Carolyn Metz



Tiffany Anderson
Sarah Bair
Nathaniel Beyerink
Blake Findley
Emillie Kenne
Megan Kingery
Claire Tompkins
Sarah Van Maanen


E.H. Moeller Scholarship

Amy Bowers
Allison Dreyer
Stefanie McGraw
Alison Meyer
Tucker Olson


Jane Sherwin Schwartz Modern Language Scholarship

Allison Dreyer
Crystal Pottebaum
Stefanie McGraw


Paula Mann Mitchell Book Purchase Award

Alexandra Bissell, English
Stefanie McGraw, Spanish


Grace Ann & Theodore Hovet Study Abroad Scholarship

Shelby Clamen
Erin Meyer
Jaclyn Nielsen
Ashley Williams
Katherine Sibenaller


Dr. H.W. Reninger Scholarship

Jonathan Bethards


Mary Wheat Graves Scholarship

Allissa Buelow


Margaret Divelbess Scholarship

Katie Beale


Kraft Scholarship for Academic & Service Excellence

Kelly Keegan, TESOL


Purple & Old Gold Award—Meritorious Scholarship

Sharon Bender, German
Brittany Betzer, English
Amy Joens, Spanish
Heather Snell, Russian
Danielle Westcot, TESOL


Inner Weather, UNI’s student-produced literary magazine

Brian Pals & Alexandra Bissell, Editors