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Department of Languages and Literatures


Chinese Courses at UNI

Languages & Literatures offers a range of elementary and intermediate Chinese language classes for those looking to learn the world’s most widely-used language. For more information, contact Dr. Penny Wang.
Chinese conversation 

CHIN 1001 (710:001). Elementary Chinese I — 4-5 hrs.
Develop conversation skills and cultural awareness. This class features intensive listening and speaking fluency practice. For beginners. (Variable)

CHIN 1002 (710:002). Elementary Chinese II — 4-5 hrs.
Continuation of CHIN 1001 (710:001). Prerequisite(s): CHIN 1001 (710:001) or consent of instructor. (Variable)

CHIN 1011 (710:011). Intermediate Chinese I — 4-5 hrs.
Continuation of CHIN 1002 (710:002). Progressive development of writing, reading, and speaking skills through sequence of exercises relating to daily practical living. Grammatical refinement using numerous illustrations of more difficult new words in dialogues on everyday topics. Prerequisite(s):CHIN 1002 (710:002) or consent of instructor. (Variable)

CHIN 1086 (710:086). Studies in Chinese Culture — 2 hrs.
This course introduces major aspects of modern Chinese culture through discussion and cultural practice on a variety of topics (e.g., Chinese cuisines and etiquette, languages and dialects, traveling in China, business opportunities, etc.). 2.0 credits.

Chinese dinner


Join Dr. Penny Wang for a Chinese conversation lab.  Beginning Chinese language students and fluent native speakers come together to learn each other’s language and culture, and to share some delicious food. Tutors will be available to help students with Chinese language, culture and on projects related to China. Friends and family are welcome to attend.