Department of Languages and Literatures

Study Chinese at UNI

The Department of Languages & Literatures now offers a Certificate in Chinese Studies. The Certificate in Chinese Studies aims to encourage non-Chinese-native students to study Mandarin Chinese with an emphasis on quickly developing speaking fluency as well as cross-cultural communication skills to enable conversation with Chinese native speakers. Such skills are applicable in multiple fields such as study abroad, travel and internships in a Mandarin-speaking environment. To fulfill diverse needs, this certificate program offers a combination of on-campus courses as well as online courses for students. For more information, contact Dr. Penny Wang

This Certificate is not intended for native Chinese speakers.

Required: 12
Elementary Chinese I  
Elementary Chinese II  
Intermediate Chinese I  
Elective: (one of the following) 1-3
CHIN 1086 Studies in Chinese Film (1 hr.)
CHIN 1086 Studies in Chinese Culture (1 hr.)
Great Living Religions: Confucianism, Daoism, and Zen  
Pre-Modern Chinese History  
Modern Chinese History  
Politics of East Asia  
Total Hours 13-15