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Over Winter Break, the Department of Languages & Literatures will host a series of Wednesday @ noon conversations about hidden talents and current obsessions within our department. Make yourself a cup of coffee and plan to join us on Zoom ( for 20-30 minutes. If you can’t make it at noon, the conversations will be recorded and uploaded onto the department’s YouTube channel. Would you like an invitation you can add to your Google Calendar? Click here to send an email request.

Dec. 2    Jeremy Schraffenberger, “A Low-Key Conversation About Piano”

Dec. 9    Alyssa Minch, “What You Don’t Know About Fan Fiction”

Dec. 16  Sheila Benson, "It's Basically a REALLY BIG Guitar"

Jan. 6     Rachel Morgan, “Knitting is the New Yoga”

Jan. 13   Elizabeth Zwanziger, “Yoga is the New Knitting”

Jan. 20   Brooke Wonders, "Shh! I Write Speculative Fiction”